Company Profile

Company NameShoei Corporation
Established1st Sept. 1970
Head office And Factory address158 Tabehara, Tajima, Minamiaizu-machi, Fukushima-ken, 967-0004, JAPAN
Product RangeRubber products for motorcar, motorcycle and lawnmower ;Diaphragms (66.8%), Metal to rubber bonded products (11.2%), Gaskets (7.6%), Valve-combination (7%), Oil Seals, Packing & other (5%)
Trading BankThe Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
The Toho Bank
The Aizu Shinkin Bank
Managing DirectorKatsuyoshi Hyodo
Company History ● Jan. 1949: Setting up rubber products business in Tokyo
● July 1949: Founding Shoei-Kako Corporation
● June 1955: Starting manufacturing the diaphragms for carburetor
● Sept. 1967: Starting manufacturing the diaphragms for plane
● Sept. 1970: Establishing Shoei Corporation and taking over business
● Nov. 1991: Entering into the agreement to manufacture the products for Japanese market with VERNAY LAVORATORIES, INC. (USA)
● June. 2000: Entering into the technical support agreement with UCAL Polymer Industries Limited(INDIA)
● Nov. 2007: Entering into the joint venture contract with Suja Rubber Industries(P)Ltd.
● Dec. 2007: Company name changing into Suja Shoei industries(P)Ltd.
● Oct. 2008: Establishing JV plant in Tamilnadu state
● Jan. 2020: New office building completed